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I will help you take control of your business to ensure it generates the expected profits and supports you, your growth, and aspirations.

I will show you tools and proven, practical methods that will enable you to manage your business in a strategic, precise way, and to communicate your offer with an understanding of your ideal client.

And all of this will be in harmony with your values and natural resources.

See how you can effectively and consciously manage a business.

Team Meeting

I support business owners

and leaders,

people just like you.

I help entrepreneurs EFFECTIVELY sort things out in their business, so they can work smarter on their business, instead of just getting caught up in day-to-day tasks.


I highly recommend Ewa for everything that she was able to help me with. Ewa approached everything with me in a very non-judgemental and positive way that through gentle nudges, tips, and small everyday exercises I was able to train my own mind into a much more positive way of thinking.


Ewa kept me focussed on the end goal and encouraged me to consider other aspects of my business and how they impact each other. Thank you for not accepting procrastination as any excuse Ewa, you have made me realize that I have the power within myself to make the changes I needed to make.


As a coach and mentor, Ewa is exceptional and gives everything she has.
She is an unquestionable asset to any team.


Ewa was there for me and supported me in my professional and personal development. She has always encouraged me to speak my mind and be creative in my work. Her work ethic and interpersonal skills make her a great team leader.


Hi, I'm Ewa.

I am here to challenge you to change the way you think and manage your business; to make the business work for you, rather than you just working for the business.
Here, you will find support in personal and professional development, to live life to the fullest by making changes focused on your goal.


I am a strategist and specialist in business psychology and mindset with 15+ years of international experience working with individuals and companies from various sectors, including HR, IT, education, finance, healthcare and beauty, aviation, construction, and engineering.

What can my experience and knowledge help you with?

Transitioning from thinking like an employee to thinking like an entrepreneur (CEO mindset).

Effective strategic and operational management. Setting priorities and efficient delegation.

Understanding who your ideal client is, what their needs are, and how your offer meets those needs.

Building teams that are effective in their actions and confident in their competencies.

Working on your self esteem and growth mindset. Managing relationships, human potential, change, time, energy, competencies.

Streamlining processes and standardisation to scale the business.


Wanda Rutkiewicz


What are you fighting with?

  • Decreasing self-esteem?

  • Decreasing belief in your ability to succeed and be happy?

  • Long working hours with no time to creatively think or at least to get quality rest time?

  • Communication issues with your employees, business partners and your family?

  • Never ending "to-do" list?

  • Struggle to prioritise, organise and delegate tasks?

  • Struggle to sale your services and attract new clients?

  • No set strategy with action plan and difficulty to deliver results?​

What are you aiming at?

  • A fulfilled and joyful life?

  • A successful business or career?

  • Meaningful relationships (also with yourself)?

  • Wealth and a good relationship with money?

  • Greater confidence?

  • Independence?

  • Happiness?

  • A happy family?

  • Good health?

  • More time for what you really love doing?

Your professional life, whether it's your business or career, needs a plan if you want to grow and achieve what you desire.

The foundation is
making a decision to change, then setting a goal and an action plan, considering all variables, not just statistics, numbers, data analysis, budget, but also you in this equation. Your goals, your values, natural talents, skills, your attitude and readiness for change, fears, but also strengths, natural traits, which, when used appropriately, will allow you to grow and create a business in harmony with you, and for you.

This is a multidimensional approach to creating a system for your company or your career. Not 'You' as a separate entity alongside your professional life, but 'You' and your business/career as a complementary, naturally supporting whole.


Why? What for?

To receive from me once a month information about:

  • tools worth implementing in your business,

  • methods for efficient management, setting priorities, or delegation,

  • business updates,

  • ways to strengthen yourself and your mindset,

  • what is worth knowing and doing if you want to develop a business, etc.

Thanks for subscribing!

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