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'(...) Ewa is my selected thought leader.

Ewa's personal journey of transformation is a testament to the power of focused mindset shifts.'

Brian Tracy
Author and Speaker


Hi! My name is Ewa Adams.

People, psychology, and Japanese-origin improvement methodologies are my passions, which I combine to find the best solutions when working with my clients on their professional goals, to turn their dreams of a fulfilled life and a thriving company into reality.

After 15+ years of working in various sectors and countries, combining experience with strategy and principles of business psychology, I adeptly 'connect the dots,' finding solutions and recognising opportunities where others see problems.

In short


Co-author of a book by Brian Tracy.


Business practitioner. First company founded in 2005.


Specialist in strategic management and business psychology.


Graduate of several fields of study, including an MBA with two specialisations.


Enthusiast of skiing, F1, self-development, and time for reset, strengthening relationships, and creative thinking.

Experience and competencies

Supporting the development of entrepreneurs, leaders, and their teams.

Strategic and operational management.
Business strategy and strategic planning.

Sales and recruitment activities.

Competency training.

Managing relationships, human potential, change, time, energy, competencies

Streamlining processes and standardization

I believe in the power of our mindset, right attitude and a holistic approach. Whether it's conquering professional obstacles, improving relationships, or enhancing personal well-being, cultivating mindset is necessary for lasting transformation. By the holistic approach I understand a critical look at all aspects of life or all areas of business. This way we can identify and eliminate limiting beliefs, unproductive habits and procedures, and re-design them to create harmony in life, and efficient processes focused on constant improvement through small steps (Kaizen).

I am a business strategist and specialist in business psychology and mindset. Proud founder of Your Everest Coaching, TA OD REZULTATÓW and Everest Results.

I have 15+ years of hands-on experience in strategic management, business operations, team building and people relations.

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Are you ready to conquer your own Everest? 

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