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PRISM Brain Mapping®

It measures the intensity of a person’s expressed preference for a range of behaviours and the activities related to those behaviours.

PRISM measures the intensity of 8 different types of behaviour and identifies 26 key factors related to human behaviour in a given situation. This allows for the analysis of individual preferences as well as human behaviour and attitudes presented in the professional environment.

Designed specifically for the business world, uses the latest discoveries of neuroscience to provide accurate results for performance & project management, leadership, recruitment, career exploration, team development, 360 feedback and coaching.

PRISM provides 3 maps - distinct profiles of human behaviour; natural behaviour and behaviour required by the situation, a general pattern of behaviour with an indication of a tendency towards the behaviours presented most of the time.

It also allows measuring the emotional intelligence level, mental resilience.

On top of that, PRISM generates a report identical to “The Big Five” where are measured (extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism).

What's available

€ 36

report only

€ 80

report & 30min. professional feedback

PRISM Foundation - a standalone report that gives you a unique insight into your behavioural preferences.

Your Foundation report is delivered via email or  PRISM iMap, a digital platform delivering an interactive and accessible experience, where you can explore your behavioural preferences, understand yourself, understand others and flex your behaviour for greater impact.

€ 150 

report & 45min. professional feedback

PRISM Personal - not only offers you an insight into your behavioural preferences but how you adapt your behaviour to suit the demands of your job.


Couple this with an one-to-one 45-minute feedback session for a truly unique insight into understanding yourself.

Your Personal report is delivered via email or via digital PRISM iMap platform.

€ 180 

report + 1h professional feedback

PRISM Professional - provides you with the most comprehensive insights into your behavioural and work preferences, plus reports on Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness and The Big Five.


This also includes a 60-minute, one-to-one feedback session so you can evaluate your true potential and act on it.

Your Professional report is delivered via email or a digital PRISM iMap platform.

PRISM Ewa Adams

PRISM reports available: 

  • Foundation

  • Personal

  • Professional ​​

  • Team Performance Diagnostic

  • 360 Feedback

  • Benchmark (jobs/candidates)

  • Talent Finder

  • Career Match

  • "4D" for students age 12-16

PRISM Professional map Ewa Adams
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