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Are you ready for uncomfortable questions at the Christmas table?

Christmas is coming! And I love it, but I know how difficult it might be for some of us to navigate around uncomfortable conversations at the table.

"Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?"

"Time for a baby, you're not getting any younger."

"How is work? Do they pay you more?"

"Did you get fatter/ skinnier?" ... and many more. It is difficult. That's the fact.

No one is actually asking "how are you" and give you enough time and space so that you can honestly say what is going on in your life, within you, with your feelings.

What can we do then? Just leave it and smile pretending that the question is fine when in reality you feel hurt, or respond sarcastically, or maybe just remain silent?

It's not easy to find courage and say what you really think.

It's not easy but we must remember that the only person we can change is ourselves, we can't change others, we can only learn how to respond to what they say, how to set our boundaries.

Mel Robbins in one of her inspirational yet down to earth podcast explains what we can do and what do we need to accept when it comes to interaction with others. Maybe this would help a little? Definitely it won't hurt to listen to it and learn from it. Here's the link

Hopefully this will inspire you and you will have a joy-filled and peaceful Christmas time.



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