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LEMON PROJECT IRELAND - FREE OF CHARGE support for businesses in Ireland.

Back in February this year, when I was working with on automation of our system, I realised the true value of time saving. It was so simple but not obvious at first. No investment needed, just a better use of the system we had already and what a result! – Easy access for all team members, easy way of record keeping, no more paper/printer waste, no need to involve anyone else in the process (previously 2-3 people involved). It was a great collaboration and I knew that one day we would work together again. Then in March and following months my mind, as anyone else’s was spinning around the Covid-19 crisis.

And then suddenly one day our business paths crossed again and (while kayaking) a new idea came to mind. Collaboration of Your Everest Coaching and Shiny Solutions became real:

*What can we do to help businesses in Ireland?

*Where to start?

*How to manage the process and most important, do we have a capacity?

After intense brainstorming session, we created a plan and LEMON PROJECT IRELAND was born.

Why Lemon, you may ask? The inspiration behind it is the conventional saying “If somebody hands you a lemon, make a lemonade.” This shows an optimistic view on rather “not optimistic” circumstances and encourages to think outside the box to find a solution in difficult times, to find the inner strength to pull yourself up.

The Covid-19 crisis is our lemon but with right support we can make a lemonade to get businesses back on track.

It is our response to challenges and changes caused by Covid-19 that influenced many, if not every aspect of business operation.

Our focus is to help and support small and medium size businesses in Ireland (office and online based) to navigate the crisis by business process optimisation, automation of office and administration systems, as well as group and individual coaching to stay focused on what is important and beneficial for their business.

It’s exactly what we can offer - FREE OF CHARGE business consultation, change management and implementation for 3 businesses based in Ireland.

We focus on a small and medium size businesses, ideally with up to 20 employees due to our capacity and because we feel these may need our help the most. Larger businesses will be considered on a case by case basis.

We will work with the businesses free of charge for a period of 6 weeks and help them to reduce overall cost of operation (time is money as well) and increase productivity and sales.

We can also help Start-up companies to work on a plan to establish a business or help individuals in switching career by offering 2 FREE Career Coaching sessions.

Few words on the application process:

1. If you want to take part in this project or know of a business or individual who needs support, contact us via contact form by Friday 28th August 2020.

We will review all applications and by Tuesday 01st September, a list with winning businesses/individuals will be announced.

2. In your application, please give as much detail of your company or yourself as you can (name, sector/position, website, number of employees, systems used, location, anything else that you think is important to mention).

3. If you know already what kind of support you need, you can send a short summary. If you don’t know where to start, that’s OK, we will help you to draft a plan and walk you through available options.

Good luck and we are looking forward to supporting you.



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