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3-month strategic process 1:1 - Consulting | Mentoring


5 online sessions (total 5.5hrs).

1st session 1.5h and the following 4 sessions 1h each.

Whatsapp / phone / email contact between sessions.


In the 1st month we meet 3 times - first to analise your sistuation and build a strategic plan, then after two weeks to see what happened and how to amend the plan, then again after another two weeks to see the outcome of the new plan you implement, see what opens up, what support you need, etc.


Then in the 2nd and 3rd month, we meet at the end of those months to analise and reflect on your actions against the plan, and what changes are needed on the way to your goal as you change, and also your business changes and might require a new strategy to grow.



Free PRISM Brain Mapping® Foundation Report

5% discount for further consultations


  • When you want to clarify your goal, startegy and build an action plan
  • When you need support with chaos in your business
  • When you need to understand and learn how to manage your business and yourself in it
  • When you start a new career or business, and you need support

  • When you see some repeating patterns in your business/life and need support to change them

  • When you want to discover your purpose, career path, values, etc.

3-month strategic process 1:1

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