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PRISM Foundation - a standalone report that gives you a unique insight into your behavioural preferences.

Your Foundation report is delivered via PRISM iMap, our digital platform delivering an interactive and accessible experience, where you can explore your behavioural preferences, understand yourself, understand others and flex your behaviour for greater impact.


PRISM Foundation Report is a low-cost, ‘entry level’ version to PRISM Brain Mapping that does not require feedback from a Certified PRISM Practitioner, however, for a deeper and detailed explanation it is recommended to seek professional feedback.


It is ideal for high-volume use.


Outputs include:

  • an eight-dimensional profile map showing a candidate’s Underlying behavioural preferences;
  • introversion/extroversion profile;
  • summary text narrative and work preference report plus work aptitude and work environment match.


This version also enables the candidate’s profile to be matched with a job benchmark and can provide an additional output on benchmark best fit. This version can be upgraded at a later date to one of the more comprehensive versions of PRISM.

PRISM Foundation Report (report only)

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