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PRISM Personal - not only offers you an insight into your behavioural preferences but how you adapt your behaviour to suit the demands of your job.

Couple this with a one-to-one 45-minute online feedback session for a truly unique insight into understanding yourself. Your Personal report is delivered via our digital PRISM iMap platform.


PRISM Personal Report is the ‘second level’ version of PRISM Brain Mapping. It is an eight-dimensional instrument which not only shows the candidate’s underlying or natural behavioural preferences but also the way in which they adapt their behaviour on occasions to suit the perceived demands of their day-to-day role.


Outputs include:

  • profile maps showing a candidate’s Underlying, Adapted and Consistent behavioural preferences;
  • introversion/extroversion profile;
  • summary or full-text narrative;
  • work preferences, work aptitude and a work environment match plus career development report.


This version enables the candidate’s profile to be matched with a job benchmark and can provide an additional output on benchmark best fit. In conjunction with the profiles of other individuals, this version can be used to form a team profile. This version requires feedback by a Certified PRISM Practitioner and can be upgraded to the ‘Professional’ version.

PRISM Personal Report (report & feedback session)

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